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You can expect a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for any eye disease. The doctor will possibly use instruments, shine bright lights directly in your eyes and ask that you look in various lenses. Each test will evaluate a different aspect of your vision or eye health.

Are you or a loved one noticing changes in your vision as you age? Needing glasses to see up close, having trouble adjusting to glare, and distinguishing between colors are common vision changes as people age; vision loss is not.

Learn more:

  • Children - 5 years & younger (between 3 & 5)

  • School age children/Adolescents - every 1 to 2 years if healthy

  • Adults - at least every 2 years if healthy in your 20s & 30s. After 40 - every 1 to 2 years

When to have one?

  • Glaucoma checks

  • Cataract checks

  • Macular degeneration checks

  • Eye glass prescription 

Our exams

They will help detect eye problems at their earliest stage, which is when they are most treatable. It gives your eye doctor the chance to help you correct or adapt to vision changes. We will also provide you with tips on caring for your eyes.

Why is it important?

We offer complete eye exams

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