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Single Vision Lenses - have a single prescription throughout the entire lense and can be used for distance, reading or full time use.


Bifocal Lenses - you are able to have correction for reading on the bottom half of your lens and seeing at a distance at the top.


Trifocal Lenses - lenses with distance vision, intermediate vision and near vision.


Progressive Lenses - functions the same way as bifocals/trifocals, but have a smooth transition between distance and near focal areas instead of visible dividing lines.

Looking through the glasses at eye chart Eyeglasses over a blurry eye chart

Choosing to wear eyeglasses is an easy way to correct refractive errors. Along with them improving your vision, you can choose from different types of lenses, frame designs and

lens coatings.

Did you know that the term ‘in the blink of an eye’ originated from the fact that your eye is the fastest muscle in your body?

  • Digital lenses

  • Anti-reflective coatings

  • Photochromic lenses

  • Progressive multi focal lenses

  • Computer lenses

  • Polarized lenses

  • Sport specific eyewear

Kinds of glasses

Types of glasses

Why glasses?